Taking the lessons in a new direction

I really enjoy seeing when my kids take the drawing lessons and create something new from them. One of my concerns when I started creating these lessons was that I did not want to in any way inhibit their innate creativity. However I am finding more and more that it has helped it to grow in unexpected ways. Its amazing to see how quickly their minds work to pick up new concepts. I mentioned briefly to my son that he could combine figurative drawing with abstract designs, and here are a few examples. His abstract work always makes me think of Kandinsky!

Nijago, Rainbow Dash and Pikachu combined with some abstract designs. 

Nijago, Rainbow Dash and Pikachu combined with some abstract designs. 

Great title!

Great title!

Following a child's artistic development

noel usercase 1.jpg

I find this piece by my son (5 y/o) really interesting. A strong, simple style that I have not seen from him before. You can see a face coming through very clearly. It also highlights some of my thoughts about using a tool like Doodlebugs Drawing School. In addition to giving instruction, I also encourage my kids to draw from their imagination, as well as completely abstract work. He loves to work with the drawing lessons, but also enjoys creating abstract shapes and patterns. This style is far from anything that I have included in DDS, but I can see that he has benefited from the improvement in fine motor skills for his mark making. 

nova usercase 1.jpg

This piece is by my daughter (3 y/o). I love her attention to detail! She has a great imagination and includes all kinds of things in her scenes. There is definitely a sense of perspective developing, with smaller trees seen in the background. She has a natural love of drawing and expresses herself very freely, and I find it interesting that none of these items are included in DDS. I do see how her fine motor skills have improved, and her love for drawing has really flourished. 

A beautiful flower by Nova (3 y/o)

A beautiful flower by Nova (3 y/o)

Tips for using Doodlebugs Drawing School

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

Make sure you have your materials ready!

The focus of DDS is drawing using real physical media as opposed to on a digital screen. You can use any material you like such crayons, coloured pencils or paint. As long as you have paper and some colors to choose from, you are ready to go! Choose what you want to draw and start following the lesson video. 


Start with the basics

For children just learning to draw start with Level 1. It contains the simplest lessons such as basic shapes and symbols, and is designed primarily for ages 3 - 4. Once they feel comfortable move on to Level 2 which is for ages 5 - 6. Pause or rewind the video if it moves too fast.We will soon be adding lessons to Level 3 for kids aged 7 - 8.


Stay patient

Always be positive and encouraging of your child's efforts. Sometimes children can be their own toughest critics. If they become frustrated that their drawing does not match up with what they see, accept the child's own assessment of their work and suggest that they try it again. If it seems too difficult, try a different lesson and come back to it at another time. Sometimes they might have to try a lesson several times before they understand it. Once they see the progress they will be motivated to keep drawing!

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